This page gives you access to resources that have been donated by several people.


Ann Walker, PhD is a nutritionist who specialises in dietary advice for those experiencing symptoms. Her advice for people with fibromyalgia can be found here.


This document provides advice on sleep and is provided by permission of Livewell Southwest, a health service provider based in the South West of England.
Understanding Sleep Hygiene using Psychological Methods (002).pdf.


A questionnaire of symptoms commonly experienced by people with fibromyalgia is shown here. Results of an internet survey conducted by the body reprogramming team can be found here. This survey shows the percentage of people with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia who experience each of the symptoms. here.


Advice about employment for people with fibromyalgia has been prepared by Charlotte Goodwin, an NHS employee with fibromyalgia. Her advice can be found here. Information for employees and relatives can be found here.


Professor Ceci Chan’s gentle qigong and tai chi exercises here.

Audio relaxation tapes – different kinds of relaxation explained here.

Audio guided relaxation provided by Jo Ramsden here.