Patient feedback from those who attended the body reprogramming course

I was a bit sceptical at first that the Reprogramming Course would work, after all nothing had helped in the past and how was this going to be different. I’m glad to say that I was wrong to be sceptical. At the first session I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the explanation we were given as to why we suffered from Fibromyalgia just made everything fall into place.
I am so glad my doctor thought of me for this program because my life has changed for the better I’ve changed so many things about my life and I would never have done that or even known how without the help of this fabulous group.
This course should be rolled out to everyone in the country. If I had been on this course 19 years ago this would have saved the NHS thousands of pounds of appointment, scans and physio, etc. This must be rolled out!
THANK YOU all, it’s helped me so much to have things to work on. I’ve looked forward to coming although before I didn’t want to meet with anyone as I got panicky.
I have learned a lot about meds I’m taking and what others are taking and their benefits and what they’re not good for.
I wish this course had been around YEARS ago. This has been a revelation and has given our family ‘hope’ where we thought there was none.
Very informative and so refreshing to find answers to problems I’ve had for over 14 years and wonderful to be able to self believe “It’s not in my head” as I’ve self doubted so many times.
I felt very empowered by the group. Great to have other people around me having same condition and the staff have a wide knowledge in their field, very informative. The group has given me confidence in expressing to the people around me now I feel. I never would have done this before.
I didn’t know what to expect when coming here and was really nervous but after meeting everyone I calmed down as everyone and so nice and understanding. When XXXXX was explaining things and symptoms I recognised a lot of them in myself and found this very helpful as [it’s] not all in my mind.
I’m finding these sessions really helpful, making me think differently. They are being run by people that actually care and [who are] passionate about how we are and how we feel. Helping us on a hopeful journey for a great future with dealing with a condition that’s not very nice. Thank you.
I have found the tools and guidance very helpful and I am confident they will help me on my path to improvement of my condition…… I think this course is very helpful and could really be offered to anyone suffering from a long term life changing medical condition. Thank you for running it and for offering me a place.
It has been nice to meet new people who understand what I am going through and not to be made to feel silly or that I am lying or exaggerating how I feel.
It was good to meet other people with fibro to know how it’s not always the same from one person to the next. I have learnt to listen to my body and rest when I need to.
I found out things that I didn’t know to enable me to go forward and better my condition. Good interaction with all attendees and tutors.
I am able to listen to my body and be mindful of my posture and periods of stress with the tools and advice given. I have no bad or negative points.